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Celeste's Baubles Ivory Pressed Flower Earrings 118-0006

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Celeste's Baubles Ivory Pressed Flower Earrings at Bijou's Boutique.  One large and

a cluster of smaller flowers accented in deep purple, denim blue and vanilla. 

Long rectangle shape.  Created by Celeste Deguila.

Discover the splendor of nature's beauty through the creative eyes of an artist, preserving colorful flower petal, all hand pressed and set in resin.  Unique patterns and designs are all individually crafted, inspired by the delicate plants and flowers of every season.  Each flower petal is hand-picked, pressed and preserved, then set into resin into the hand cut shape of every pair of earrings. 

The cards are recycled paper, created by hand.  The earrings are hypo-allergenic and feature high quality sterling silver hooks.